Live at The Square Tower

by DiElle



released August 10, 2014



all rights reserved


DiElle England, UK

DiElle is a singer-songwriter hailing from an idyllic village on the South Coast of England, a songstress with a knack brutally honest lyrics, and a voice that could bring a tear to the eye of the most stone hearted souls. DiElle’s music is like the person that knows you better than anyone else, providing a sense of comfort which seems to be lacking from so many of today’s artists. ... more

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Track Name: Mister Merchandise - live at The Square Tower
Mister Merchandise

Mr. Merchandise is on every street, if you got
Somethin’ to trade then he’ll be there to greet
Even if you haven’t he’ll give it all he’s got
And you’ll end up buying something if you like it or not

Mr Merchandise he does it so well
Mr Merchandise and his hard sell
He’d get you to buy a snowball
If you were en route to hell
Mr. Merchandise

Mr. Merchandise can get you a watch
Talk you into purchasing a kick in the crotch
He’ll tell you there’s a refund, money back guarantee
But instead you go to China with a sack of his tea

He sells the snow to Eskimos, he sells tartan paint
Once he even sold good will to a saint
You wanna trade your soul, he’ll quote you a price
He’s Mr. Merchandise